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You can read this page again :
I remember, after long discussions, we came to the conclusion that the C80 file is a very good compromise.
If I understand your idea correctly, every time I have a list of mergers, I have to scan all the latest DB lines again.
It must work very well but it is very rconstraining. And I don't know how long it can take to scan all the last lines up to 3,000,000.
With the list of the last C80s of all sequences from 1 to 3,000,000 this is very fast. But there is still the problem raised by LaurV post #4 on this page.
If someone wants to check the merging of a sequence and it doesn't work with my C80 list, he has to check not with the last C80, but then try with the previous ones, taking them in decreasing order of indexes.
Strictly speaking, it is also necessary to check if the merger sequences (<3,000,000) itself has not merged with another smaller one (<3,000,000) by checking all the mergers of the last year (because of the update date of my page) here :

In addition, scanning all the sequences also allows me to find possible errors, such as this one post #26 and #27 on this page :

I hope I don't miss your question !

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