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Originally Posted by retina View Post
I don't see that extra assignment for 77231809. This link only shows two assignments. 77959619 and 77998639.

In your output why is the ordering not correct? 77231809 appears out of order. Did the server output it in that order?
If you click on the link to 77231809, the assignment shows up there. The original tester has a self-double-check assigned, or possibly this reflects a hung original assignment.

There is something weird though, because 6.0% done as of 2018-04-09 has turned into 0.0% done as of 2018-04-12.

I am now poaching that PRP double check and we'll see if anything changes when it completes in a few weeks.

In my original output I sorted by work type, which is why the assignments appeared out of order.
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