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The "Status Unproven" columns merely refer to exponents that haven't been verified with matching residues, which may or may not be currently assigned. The two LLERR could perhaps be "Suspect" first-time results which haven't yet been assigned for another LL test.
And in fact that seems to be the case:

77732573        LL      Suspect;2017-09-13;Jamous;4DA09FAE8A06C8__;61108850
77879497        LL      Suspect;2018-02-12;arnaud;CD50EEEB710BBA__;58080809
The above listing doesn't show it, but 77732573 has error code 00010100 and 77879497 has error code 01000200.

Also, both of these have a single PRP result and a single LL result, and no current assignments.

When PRP testing was first introduced, it wasn't co-ordinated well with LL testing. So some exponents had both kinds of tests done, one of which will end up being redundant.

So I think the mystery is cleared up.

If anyone wants to double-check the PRP results:

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