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Originally Posted by S485122 View Post
I don't know how they do it but some assignments have more than 3 years before the next update (perhaps they immediately extend their assignment.)

There are certain exceptions to the expirations, based on the exponent size.

Here are the current exception details as best I can piece together. Basically, these assignments aren't in the way of any milestones or other things and aren't really hurting anyone, so...

First time LL:
Exponents that are 40M larger than the latest LL milestone (currently 78M) but less than 332M (100M digits) are exempted from the typical expiration rules.

First time LL (100M digits between 330M and 350M):
If the client has not sent a "next expected" update (basically, they didn't acknowledge the assignment)
*OR* their next update is still a year away)
*OR* there isn't an expected completion date and they have passed their next check-in date
*AND* they've only progress less than 2% if it's even started at all

Double checks:
Exponents 20M larger than the latest milestone (currently 43M) are exempted

Smaller PRP (below 40M):
Assignments > 30 days old ... you get 30 days to finish those small PRP checks

Anything that's not DC or LL (TF, P-1, PRP above 40M, etc):
Haven't acknowledged in 1 day since being assigned
60+ days since the last checkin
*AND* 10+ days since it was last supposed to checkin
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