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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
The assignment rules describe when the server has the right to terminate your assignment, the server may not exercise that right.
It is not so much the assignments that are a few days late that worry me, 85% of those lost assignments I found are more than half a year late, 75 % are more than a year late. I don't know what happens in the "active" ranges" since the query I can run is limited to 1000 results, I did not look in the TF ranges for the same reason. Those assignments are preventing others to work on those exponents.
Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
Consider M332,197,123.
Anyone who wanted to could poach it, or maybe a result will miraculously be returned in the meantime.
The new rules were put in place to expedite the achievement of milestones, but also to remove the need or the incentive to poach.

Perhaps yearly is often enough to do such a clean up.


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