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I'm not sure why, but a user recently ran a PRP test (not a PRP cofactor test) on an already-factored small exponent: M3,859,447.

I think the server rejects LL residue results for already-factored exponents? If so, then probably the behavior should be consistent between LL results and PRP results.

The same user also ran a PRP test for a very similar exponent (M3,859,477) which doesn't have known factors, but did already have two matching LL tests. Probably this type of result should be accepted by the server, as it was, but it's an unverified result that doesn't need verification, similar to those few exponents in the 75M range (like M75,512,069) where we inadvertently ended up with two matching PRP tests and an unverified LL test. I presume the server already handles this situation and won't automatically assign a double-check on the superfluous test type?
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