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Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
The Exponent Status report in text-only format is a bit garbled. It's missing a semicolon to separate the shift count from the residue type, and there is an extra semicolon at the end.

This is a recent change that seems to coincide with the switch from "CofactorPRP" to "PRPCofactor".
That's entirely my fault. I was moving some stuff around and got a little sloppy with cut/paste.

Plus, I'm noticing that the order of things isn't the same between PRP and PRP-cofactor and I feel like they should be consistent...

Right now, PRP has:
exponent, type, status, date, user, residue, residue-type, base, shift

However, for whatever reason I set PRP-CF to be:
exponent, type, status, date, user, residue, # of factors, shift, residue-type, base

In short, what was I thinking? I made PRP-CF match the way they're shown in the table, but I didn't update PRP at the same time I guess? I've been dealing with a bad bout of the flu and I probably did that during a feverish period.

I'll try to get that fixed and make more sense... hope it doesn't mess the parsing anyone already has but better to do it now.
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