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Originally Posted by GP2 View Post
Prime95 29.4 build 5 is refusing to do PRP-CF on a few exponents:

In my results.txt files:

4456310665879544089 does not divide M2207441
12415622589540644657 does not divide M2233183
1219861756779140901119 does not divide M2233019

All of these statements are false, actually.
This is all fixed now, the above is from the Prime95 version 29.4 thread, but it was actually a database problem, caused by the same factor being duplicated in the database.

I just realized that I had reported this duplication of factors for these same exponents some time earlier, but I guess it wasn't fixed at the time. In that message, I suggested that the FACTORS column in the database should have an SQL unique index or unique constraint placed on it, which would prevent duplicates.

It is mathematically impossible for two Mersenne numbers with prime exponents to share the same factor, so this would be the easiest way to prevent the problem from recurring.
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