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Originally Posted by only_human View Post
That's a:
1) It could be worse
2) I'm not a <something negative>

Ok then. That's a valid request/response handshake.

I will also venture that you had nothing to do with Canada's giant inflatable duck for its 150th birthday yesterday.

You can generate at least one positive thing tomorrow. Look in the mirror and say "Hey, I've got a great smile." Or refrain from saying or thinking a negative thing needlessly. Treat it like a skill that can be improved.
I can figure out random PARI/GP stuff partly because it has a lot of overlap core(N)==N issquarefree(N) and bigomega(N)==omega(N) all ask the same question in a conditional statement. issquare(N) is the same as core(N)==1 you can make loops with these to find the powers of two in order, the highly composite numbers using numdiv(N) etc. wonder if the powers in a number giving an HCN of divisors are rare a1call ? they shouldn't be as the HCN's have many exponent combinations that work to multiply to them under the number of divisors function.
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