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Originally Posted by marigonzes View Post
If I go to while logged in, check the "I am sure I know what I am doing" checkbox and then click either "Merge checked CPUs" or "Drop checked CPUs", I get the following error:
Question: Did you actually check two or more computers from your list to merge?

I can get the same error if I check the box "I know what I am doing" and click merge, but didn't have any computers marked to merge.

There should be some error checking there to make sure the user actually picked something and show a message to that effect (and it could be said that if you forgot to check computers to merge and click that button anyway, you really didn't know what you were doing and shouldn't have ticked that box )

I'll see if I can't work in a warning if you didn't tick a couple computers to merge. The error comes up when looking up the id of the most recent computer from the list you selected... I think there may not be any harm done if you only picked one computer to "merge" (it just wouldn't effectively do anything), but definitely two or more make the most sense, and zero selections is patently bad.
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