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Originally Posted by ramgeis View Post
No, I'm not interested in the average assignment age either. LOL... I actually just want to know the number of current assignments for each type.

Your explanation also matches my observations where the error suddenly showed up and didn't go away for some weeks and then again for some days everything was fine before it happened again.

BTW, the 7xxxxx assignments of the second "cpu" are those from manual testing. And the reason why they are so many is mainly because the manual GPU assignment page ignores the requested bit level to factor to and sets it considerably higher (e.g. 74 instead of the requested 70). As I TF them only to 70 (as intended) they are waiting to expire (should happen soon).
I fixed it to use my "cast to bigint" method since it still seemed to run pretty fast, even for that many assignments. It should work for you now.

As for the manual GPU assignments not honoring the requested bit level, I'll leave that to smarter minds than me for a potential fix, unless I find myself with some time to mull that over this coming weekend. That page is specific to GPUs and I don't really know much about it except it's a stripped down/streamlined page so that getting bulk work isn't loading a bunch of other stuff that a bot doesn't care about.
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