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Originally Posted by marigonzes View Post
If I go to while logged in, check the "I am sure I know what I am doing" checkbox and then click either "Merge checked CPUs" or "Drop checked CPUs", I get the following error:
Aren't you all glad we helpfully display the PHP errors to the end user? LOL

(well, it's ugly, but on the bright side it helps us figure out what's what without digging through the PHP error log and trying to match that up with whatever the user was trying to do at the time).

In both of the recent posts I think SQL is returning a null where a value was expected and PHP complained. When I have time (or if James or George sees this and gets to it first?) I can take a look. I went through last weekend and squashed a few things that were throwing errors more consistently but I knew there were some others that needed investigating.
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