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Originally Posted by retina View Post
Why not? If the DB uses foreign keys properly then it shouldn't be an issue at all.
I'm not sure either... Changing the "display" name is one thing, but changing the login name is another. I guess I've seen websites that go both ways on that.

On the one hand... why not allow it? It's just the name they type in to login.

On the other hand, letting them change it can cause issues if not done right because login names need to be unique, so the code would have to check if the desired new name is in use and then prompt the user if it's taken.

Another problem involves whether users wishing to change that login name are aware they'd have to edit that setting in Prime95 to match? If not, they definitely won't get the desired results and may end up causing the client to create a new user using that old name (I don't really know if that's how it works, but just throwing the idea out there).

In short, it may be better to avoid the complexities and if someone is really determined to change the login name, they can email George and have that done manually.

My day job running websites has a system just like that, where the unique login name and display name are different, and you can change the display name but changing login names is a manual task, and we simply have no plans to do it any differently. Out of the large # of users across multiple sites, it simply just doesn't come up often enough to even warrant the hours of dev time. The one or two per month that do ask, it takes me a few seconds each. Over the past 365 days I'd be surprised if I spent 5 minutes total time doing that, compared to I don't know how many hours of dev/qa time.
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