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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Tough crowd.

Obviously, I'm waiting for madpoo to look into it and madpoo is waiting for me to look into it...
Sorry folks, I guess I missed all of this at the time.

I'll have to check the logs and see what happened, I suppose. That page sets some URL parameters when you submit and reloads the page with them. If someone were to directly call the URL with those parameters set, the server would happily spit out a new assignment on each reload of the page.

Why that would happen on accident is unknown. From the server side of things it seems a bit unlikely so I'd have to see what the logs say about it. It seems more likely that someone's browser decided to reload the page on it's own, or someone fat-fingered a script of some kind (or did it on purpose).

Whatever the case though, it does seem like there's room to improve it.
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