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Originally Posted by NBtarheel_33 View Post
So, assuming this user made use of the manual assignment system, it seems as though she would have had to reload the manual assignment page hundreds (or more likely, thousands) of times.
This is what appears to have happened. According to my "Observing Spider", Primenet ran out of P-1 assignments at 74 or above, and "pulled its ripcord" several times over the night until GPU72 also ran out of candidates at 74 or above.

Originally Posted by NBtarheel_33 View Post
There is too much effort extant for pure malicious intent. It also seems improbable that PrimeNet would have made these assignments on its own. Perhaps this really is a new big player with hundreds or thousands of computers...the Curtis Cooper of P-1!
If that's true, great! However, this seems malicious to me (or, at the very least, a badly programmed spider).
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