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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
Mostly to George, James and Madpoo...

Over the night the user "LUKASZ" manually reserved 31,543 P-1 assignments! WTF???

Not sure if this was intentionally malicious, or simply a mistake. But perhaps Primenet should have a safety feature to prevent a single user from reserving far more work than they can reasonably do.
Doesn't the manual assignment request form limit requests to a maximum number of exponents on each of a maximum number (12 IIRC) of cores? So, assuming this user made use of the manual assignment system, it seems as though she would have had to reload the manual assignment page hundreds (or more likely, thousands) of times. This would take hours, and wouldn't seem to accomplish much other than to draw our attention, which would be achieved after reserving only a few hundred P-1 assignments at once, rather than 31,543. Even if the user had instead constructed a malicious worktodo file containing 31,543 P-1 assignment lines, it seems like the PrimeNet communication process would (a) take a year and a day to register all of the assignments, (b) time out and throw an error, or (c) balk at reserving exponents with completion dates as far as a century in the future! (Consider that at one assignment completion per day, 31,543 assignments would require 31,543 days = ~86.5 years.)

On the other hand, what kind of PrimeNet error would facilitate the assignment of 31,543 exponents to any user?

There is too much effort extant for pure malicious intent. It also seems improbable that PrimeNet would have made these assignments on its own. Perhaps this really is a new big player with hundreds or thousands of computers...the Curtis Cooper of P-1!
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