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The reason of having a public display name is exactly to hide the user login name. In spite of the fact that for some of us (me including) they are the same, there are users out there who won't be happy at all if their user login goes public. I don't remember that being the case (as you describe*), ever. The leaderboards always displayed the public name. Which is right. I would advice against changing that.

[* OTOH, the "active assignments" page is a special case, it was not meant to be a public page. It circulated in restrained circles for a while, then George made is public here on the forum (no links in the web page for a while) but he said (see his posts about, few years ago) that it should be used with care, as it stressed the server a lot (I would add: it also encourages poaching). That is not the case now, with the newer, fast, servers. Due to its "special" status, it might be that sometime in the past, the "active assignments" used to display the login names.]
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