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Originally Posted by S485122 View Post
Previously the 'OFFICIAL "SERVER PROBLEMS" THREAD' was used only to report problems and the posts were deleted once the problem was dealt with. Now the thread has become a discussion of the hardware and software changes. Shouldn't all the posts dealing with the changes be moved to a new thread something like "GIMPS Server update" ?
You're right, and I thought about it, but then I figured that people who know enough to check this forum thread are exactly the kind of people who would want to know about changes to the hardware... other folks probably don't care. And they're also the ones that are likely to give some good feedback on any design changes.

I guess it's up to y'all or xyzzy if a new thread would be better. It makes sense I suppose, as long as people check it and are able to give feedback on things.

EDIT: Okay, I created a new thread. I'll keep my discussions of the new web design there. Starting... *now* :)

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