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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
It probably needs a fair amount of "pixel polish" to get some alignments squared away, but I didn't want to grind on the details until I thought the overall design seemed good enough to run with.
I'd written a post focusing on the polish part (colours, centering), but I will save it to post for later if wanted.

The menu is fine on the left, but then I prefer the expanding menu to the popout one. I always feel as though popout menus delay my navigation. The menu colours do not bother me, but neither are the colours necessary.

I would add "Join" and "Download" buttons to the top center, in place of the Donate button and text about joining GIMPS.

I think the picture should be separate from the main header. I don't miss the newest users section. I would like to see the translate button removed.

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