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Default Manual Result Check in Error

Found 2 lines to process.
processing: TF no-factor for M45936097 (272-273)
Error code: 40, error text: TF result for M45936097 was not needed
Done processing:
Notice: Undefined variable: expected_error_text_list in C:\inetpub\www\manual_result\default.php on line 1041 Warning: array_diff(): Argument #2 is not an array in C:\inetpub\www\manual_result\default.php on line 1041 * Parsed 1 lines.
* Found 0 datestamps.
Qty Work Submitted Accepted Average
1 Trial Factoring: no factor 20.823 - 20.823
1 - all - 20.823

Status codes:
Code Meaning Count
40 invalid assignment key 1

Lines by error code:
Error Text Lines with this error
TF result for <exponent> was not needed

Did not understand 0 lines.
Recognized, but ignored 0/1 of the remaining lines.
Skipped 0 lines already in the database.
Accepted 1 lines.
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