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Thanks for looking at this. I tried to get 20 assignments. And it took ~ 2 minutes. Just repeated that right now and same deal. Yes I guess a big part of the problem is repeating the SQL query for each assignment. It should really do only a single query for each request. Note that if I don't specify a range it is more or less instant. (And I get 64M assignments or Cat3). So I don't think the problem has to do with the checkout or PHP and much more likely inefficient SQL.

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I ate my own dogfood and got 2 first time assignments for myself using the manual page. Yeah, it wasn't 100 seconds, but it wasn't fast either, more like 15 seconds.

It could probably be improved by selecting more than one assignment at a time if a person is requesting more than one. Otherwise it iterates and just seems like a waste of cycles if there were an easier way to run the query once and grab a range.

There's also some overhead with not only getting exponents but also "checking them out" and writing info to the database about "this user is now assigned these exponents". I'd probably have to do a lot more PHP debugging to see how long each of those things takes and I just don't feel like doing that.
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