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Originally Posted by garo View Post
I do not know if this is a new problem because I rarely use the manual assignments page. So many pages were slow or broken previously that I wouldn't have noticed. Also apologies for sending you on a wild goose chase but I unreserved the AID after 24 hours when no one responded.

To confirm slowness you can try to retrieve two LLs yourself. I chose first time tests in the dropdown.
I decided to look into the code itself at the query that grabs first time LL work. If I do it directly in SQL and use a range of 68M - 80M it took about 3 seconds to run and showed a couple exponents in that range that would be first time LL tests.

Note that it will apparently run this same query once for each exponent you want assigned. So presumably, 3 seconds if you're just getting one, and then multiply by the # of assignments you're hoping to get. When you tried, were you just looking for a single LL test or did you ask it for more?

You may have just stumbled onto a busy period on the server. Around-about that same time I saw GPU72 was "crawling" and getting assignments, so it very well may have been that you just tried getting assignments at the same time and it took a while for yours to run.

I guess I'd suggest trying again and see what happens, using the same range, same settings as before and see if it's better.

This is my first look at the manual assignments SQL queries and it's a little hard to get through all the things it's doing, some interesting clauses here and there to take into account the reliability of clients, version of software, etc. so that makes it fun and in my artificial test I may have defaulted one of those to something that makes the query run better than the real world.
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