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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
Is that something you've done in the past, and it worked okay (when selecting a range for new assignments)?

I'd have to see what kind of query is happening behind the scenes when a request like that comes in.

I couldn't actually find that assignment ID anywhere. I looked at all assignments and also the ones for your account specifically but I didn't see it. Has it already been checked in?

Were these requests for TF work (not likely in that range) or was this for first time LL?
I do not know if this is a new problem because I rarely use the manual assignments page. So many pages were slow or broken previously that I wouldn't have noticed. Also apologies for sending you on a wild goose chase but I unreserved the AID after 24 hours when no one responded.

To confirm slowness you can try to retrieve two LLs yourself. I chose first time tests in the dropdown.
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