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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
As we have seen some values/fields magically disappeared (zerorized) on the server during the transfer to a new home, this may be caused by the same phenomenon, if the "hours to work per day" was cleaned on the server side. Your P95 knows that you are working 24 (or 12, or 59, hehe) hours per day for this expo, but the server believe you are only working much less amount of hours per day (zero?) so the time to arrival is longer...

This should solve by itself after few talks (progress reports) to the server, indeed, if that's the case.
It *probably* wasn't due to the server move itself so much as some other back end changes that might have been done to the check in code.

The DB itself was migrated over pretty easily from SQL 2005 to SQL 2012, thank goodness (and 32-bit to 64-bit).

We didn't really experience any incompatibilities in the queries or sprocs with the SQL version updates, which was a relief. Most of the work revolved around changes between PHP versions during the upgrade (5.2 up to 5.5) and some deprecated language, functions, etc. which required some tinkering.

There were also some old warnings that had been suppressed previously that we started to notice after the move since the PHP logging level was a little different. Things that had always been there, and weren't really critical but annoying enough that James has been doing a good job at squashing.

Point being, once the nitty gritty of the upgrade was done and tested, it was also an opportunity to look at some old PHP code and get it fixed up or just brought up to modern standards.

If you do see more odd behavior from the site (that wasn't there before), be sure to point those things out. There has been real good feedback so far.
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