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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
I'm happy to report that (finally!) the new manual_results submission form is in place for all to use. That should mean that factors falsely recorded as P-1 or ECM when they should be TF are finally behind us.

Let me know if you find some result lines that are not processed as expected.
The old page told you the exponents it checked in, you could then verify against your results file.

the new page doesn't ...

Found 4 lines to process.
CPU credit is 27.3345 GHz-days.
CPU credit is 27.3344 GHz-days.
CPU credit is 27.3344 GHz-days.
Done processing:
* Parsed 3 lines.
* Found 0 datestamps.
Qty Work Submitted Accepted Average
3 Trial Factoring: no factor 82.003 82.003 27.334
3 - all - 82.003

Did not understand 0 lines.
Recognized, but ignored 0/3 of the remaining lines.
Skipped 0 lines already in the database.
Accepted 3 lines.


Also,any chance at all, this side of the heat death of the universe of getting GPU recognised as a processor type :-)
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