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Last server adventures affected me in a strange way: even if I was logged in, when I reported one DC and few P-1 results, the credit went to anonymous, and the feedback report came back to me logging me off. I tried again and it said the results not needed, this computer already reported, blah blah, and logged me off again. I am starting to get frustrated. The exponent was 32347897 and this is the completion line, including the (valid) assignment key.
M( 32347897 )C, 0xcba8b97b84ff9e94, offset = 1624, n = 1728K, CUDALucas v2.05 Beta, g_AID: 1867B4C287AB0DBA897442E4BCC56FA0
I forgot the P-1 exponents, and don't have log (got them from GPU72) I think one was 72035111 (I remember the ones).
Should be nice to have the credit back, at least for the DC, but even nicer would be to fix once forever these problems, I would even forget about the credit

[edit: interesting enough, after reporting it and registered as anonymous, the assignment disappeared from my assignment list, but I assume this is related to the key, and not to the user who reports]

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