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Default Expired time alteration

It is potentially confusing that the time of expiration becomes altered to correspond with the time of completion by another assignee.
For example:
32182327 LL Unverified;;Francesco Urbano;D62DA2C495BAFA__
32182327 Assigned 2014-01-18;<PriorAssignee>;D;expired on 2014-03-19
32182327 Assigned 2014-05-07;snme2pm1;D
later became:
32182327 LL Verified;;Francesco Urbano;D62DA2C495BAFA7F
32182327 LL Verified;2014-05-23;snme2pm1;D62DA2C495BAFA7F
32182327 Assigned 2014-01-18;<PriorAssignee>;D;expired on 2014-05-23

Additionally, how long is that expired assignment state intended to be preserved?
Perhaps it isn't useful to retain that state indefinitely.
It might be perceived as public humiliation of the user involved.

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