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Originally Posted by ET_ View Post
1&1 is known in Italy as a web-design service dealer, so I can't rely on this piece of information, and assume you are correct. My assumption is that the burden is put on the organization of the project, not on the costs.
Please don't read me wrong -- Amazon EC2 is great when you need to quickly spin up a few big servers for a quick job. I use them myself.

But for an "always on" dedicated server with steady bandwidth needs, I have found 1&1 to be the best and least expensive option (rarely do both metrics converge on one provider).

And, yes, 1&1 tends to target the consumer level more than the serious user. And never use them as an outgoing e-mail relay -- they are in just about every black-list which exists.

But, importantly, their dedicated co-located server department appears to be quite independent from their "consumer level" services -- separate support numbers, available 24/7.

Lastly, as you alluded to -- this is simply my suggestion based on experience. Someone else (read: George) will make the decision for GIMPS.
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