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I have become proficient on cloud servers. They offer lower prices for managed hardware, backup, redundancy and fail-safe / load-balancing operations. You can define an external storage and attach / detach / backup it at will. There is also a possibility to have the whole server automatically backed up in a timely manner.

The main issue is on network outbound traffic, but again it can be carefully estimated, it is possible to add bandwidth on the fly if needed if a new Mersenne prime is discovered.
I will counter with my personal preference for co-located hosting: 1&1.

Yeah, I know 1&1 are often disparaged, but I rent three of their dedicated server (one for over eight years) and they are *highly* reliable. Only once did I have an outage, and it lasted all of six hours (and it was because of a DDOS).

Unlimited bandwidth with a 100 Mb/s connection in or out. And it's hard to beat $40 USD a month. (So you all know, GPU72 runs on a L2 -- MySQL database size is 6.4 GBs with indexes.)

And to reflect on James' comments, my personal preference would also be no M$. We should be past using expensive crapware. Like, yesteryear....
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