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Questions that I have an opinion on:
Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
4) Linux (or similar) or Windows?
5) Which database?
9) How do we migrate the several GB of data to the new setup?
4) Not-Windows. I have no opinion of which Linux-like OS is selected, but I have a strong dislike for Windows for hosting.
5) Not-Microsoft. I (and I'm sure many people) have experience with MySQL.
9) I'm not sure how big the PrimeNet database is; database is about 14GB of data (21GB with indexes) across 500 million records and I have no problems backing it up, exporting, and restoring the database to my local development machine every few months. Takes an hour or so for each of export and import, but that's to be expected. Exporting from MS-SQL to MySQL or whatever is selected as the new database should be reasonably straightforward as well; if no specific tools exist for that a simple PHP script could read/write from old to new.
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