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Originally Posted by NBtarheel_33 View Post
When might it be worthwhile for us participants to start chipping in towards a new server, a rented server, or even cloud services for this project to which we all enjoy contributing and wish to see flourish for years to come?
Money is not the issue.

Scott handles all the server stuff as I have no expertise in this area. Scott's experience is with MS products.

It may be time to start thinking about the next version of Primenet.
This would be a tremendous amount of work.

Questions include -- I'm sure there are others:
1) Own the hardware or rent it (and from which ISP)?
2) What are the hardware requirements and cost for owning or renting?
3) How much bandwidth do we need?
4) Linux (or similar) or Windows?
5) Which database?
6) Backup procedures (and/or database replication).
7) If not Windows/SQLServer, timeline for rewriting and testing all the server side PHP code.
8) Who is available to do all the required work?
9) How do we migrate the several GB of data to the new setup?
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