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Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
Keep in mind that GIMPS and PrimeNet are run by volunteers, not full-time commercial server professionals (AFAIK).

If you can add server expertise, will you volunteer to help?
You beat me to it. Volunteer project, volunteer participants, volunteer staff. More importantly, free (or extremely low-cost) server resources, graciously provided despite our huge database and heavy traffic.

It is quite plausible that PrimeNet v6 will be needed in the near future. If you know how to potentially improve the infrastructure, while keeping costs at their present levels, pipe up. If you know how to secure newer hardware at a low cost, pipe up. If you can provide bandwidth, pipe up.

Them's the brakes until we either (1) rival Wikipedia in size and popularity, or (2) find a hundred-million-digit prime and secure $50-100K in prize money.
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