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Yeah I did them back following GIMPS first fermat factor. The discussion is in the same thread, post #35-#69:
The idea left hanging there was to do the Suyama test once using the GWNUM routines, and then to do it again using MLUCAS when Ernst got the 2^n+1 code added to it, then compare the residues and verify that they match. I could easily generate the residues with pfgw, but performing the GCD computation will take some thought. SCRIPT files in pfgw are not an efficient way to go on this, because SCRIPT is interpreted, and the overhead makes GCD computations way too slow for numbers the size of F25-F27. (Trust me, I've tried it!) But perhaps it could be done directly using George's GCD routine in the GWNUM library. GMP is another possibility, it would be interesting to compare with GWNUM on large numbers. Perhaps since Wilfrid Keller would like to see the computation done with two different sets of software, the GCD should be done both ways.
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