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I had to do one final thing and that was copy over the more recent msieve.exe into the ggnfs directory - the one that came with ggnfs was

Once I did that it successfully factored using the general number field seive.

So to summarize, in order to get ggnfs working I needed to:

1) Make sure I had a recent (past 5.2) version of perl
2) Change the aliqueit.ini file entry for ggnfs_cmd to point to ggnfs's factMSieve.
3) Update ggnfs_bin_path (top)
4) Make sure I had cat.exe.
5) Update sys_bin_path (further down)
6) For the 340 version of ggnfs (not sure about 360), I needed to copy over a later version of mSeive into the ggnfs_bin_path directory.

I think that was it. Might be worth adding to web page or docs of aliqueit.

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