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Originally Posted by Greebley View Post
I created a aliqueit/bin directory, put that into my path and then copied ecm-<blah>.exe to ecm.exe in the bin. This seems to work as it runs ecm and yafu. Not sure if I have tried msieve yet, but msieve.exe is in the bin directory as well.

For perl it was definitely messed up. I installed strawberry perl 5.10 instead and changed the path in This is working much better.
Great, we're almost there.

However as show below it is having problems with cat.exe. I do have a cat.exe (and other unix tidbits) in c:\bin
That's the problem, then. The location of cat.exe is set with the variable $SYS_BIN_PATH=, rather than the first one. (You'll find it just after the 3 "use" lines....) Set that to ":/bin" and try again.
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