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Originally Posted by Greebley View Post
skew 12117.16, size 1.841639e-009, alpha -5.219852, combined = 3.523059e-009
elapsed time 00:08:22
ggnfs output should be here
WARNING: gnfs failed to find a factor. This really shouldn't happen.
I'll just run ecm till the end of time or a factor turns up...
Let's hope you don't run out of disk space before either of those.
^C^C running 0 auto-increasing ecm curves...
It doesn't seem as if ggnfs ever starts. If it did, you would probably get _some_ output from it at the indicated position. At least an error msg or two. My guess is your perl.exe path is wrong. Hopefully you've already solved the problem with the other guys' help.

Originally Posted by schickel View Post
This may be a problem that has cropped up a couple of times. there are some snall numbers which will fail to be factored by one or the other of msieve or yafu. If that happens, it gets caught in a loop, since it never recieves the factors of the number.
That's a good reason for keeping both yafu and msieve available. If one accidentally fails the other will most likely crack it without problem. The endless looping should only happen if both fail (but see below).

Originally Posted by schickel View Post
the WARNING: factor doesn't divide n results from the continued perusal of the log file and trying to divide out the leading factors again; once they're divided out, they can't be divided out again.
Unless I've forgotten how it works that specific reason is only applicable when you first start aliqueit, and not in the middle of a run. In this case I would guess yafu reports an invalid factor (see, which fools aliqueit into thinking everything went ok and never giving msieve a chance to factor the number instead. The factor is then removed from n (or, as it was wrong, discarded and the warning msg printed), and yafu is run on the remaining composite (which in this case is the original number). So the same thing happens again and endless looping ensues. I should fix aliqueit to give the other qs program a go if a faulty factor was found...
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