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Originally Posted by Greebley View Post
I have not successfully run ggnfs yet, which is why I think my settings are likely wrong. Is there a command I can give that will call ggnfs on a value known to work? I could test that and see what the result is.

These are the files I downloaded: (do I want the svn360 version?)
I probably should have handled this and the previous message in the other order.....oh well.

You've got everything you need to bring terror to the heart of aliquot sequences everywhere. Just a couple of things to make sure you have everything laid out properly. If aliqueit is humming along mostly happy, you have the ECM executable in the right place, most likely. The next thing to check is yafu and msieve. Did you put a copy of both in the aliqueit folder? Also, as indicated in the previous post, did you change the paths in (Actually, if it started the factorization, you don't have to worry, the path to perl.exe is set properly.) Starting the process and then failing is most likely an indication that it can't find the binaries for the GNFS portion.

Try this, create a file called test.n with this line in it (don't worry, we're not going to let it try to factor this):
n: 78541005650722049653086072205420438110929719018560861960885801681433105948145094453468591465656683293302279256523
Then, from the aliqueit directory, try calling the factmsieve script this way:
perl test
If it compalins about not finding the binaries, check the $GGNFS_BIN_PATH= line in
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