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Originally Posted by Greebley View Post
I found the aliquot sequences interesting mathematically, and was following the links from other aliquot pages and found one to the forum.
Glad you could find us. I've thought to myself a couple of times that I should add a link to the wikipedia article.....keep forgetting, though.
I pasted the start of a run below so you could see the set up. It has the ggnfs line (and describes a second issue).

D:\aliquot\aliqueit107>aliqueit 232800
Reading config file...
ggnfs_clean_cmd = del cols*.* deps*.* factor.easy lpindex*.* rels*.* numFF.txt numrels.txt tmp.job spmat sp-index test.fb matsave matsave.bak test.dat*
So far, so good.
ggnfs_cmd = c:\perl\perl-5.10.0\perl.exe "d:\aliquot\gnfs\"
This may be where your problem is. A couple of things to check:

- Is the path to your perl.exe correct?

- Did you set the paths in also? The ones to be concerned with are $GGNFS_BIN_PATH= this should point to the folder where the GGNFS binaries are located and $SYS_BIN_PATH= this should point to where "cat.exe" and "zip.exe" reside.

value = 232800 (6 digits)
460 . c22 = 1522608819208455890462 = 2 * 1979 * 32957 * 2608559 * 4474703
461 . c21 = 762529205502959354338 = 2 * 29 * 15959 * 823801946694179
WARNING: factor doesn't divide n
WARNING: factor doesn't divide n
WARNING: factor doesn't divide n
^C9: running qs (yafu)...

The screen spammed the warning alternating the 'running qs (yafu)' message seemingly forever.
This may be a problem that has cropped up a couple of times. there are some snall numbers which will fail to be factored by one or the other of msieve or yafu. If that happens, it gets caught in a loop, since it never recieves the factors of the number. the WARNING: factor doesn't divide n results from the continued perusal of the log file and trying to divide out the leading factors again; once they're divided out, they can't be divided out again. One way to kick start it is to factor the number externally, then feed the largest factor in by starting aliqueit this way:
aliqueit <seq> -e -f <factor>
This tells it to start the sequence, skip the ECM portion, and use the factor passed in on the command line.

If msieve or yafu fails, it should fall over to the other. Are the paths to both in aliqueit.ini set correctly?
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