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Originally Posted by Greebley View Post
I discovered the aliqueit.exe program after following links on aliquot sequences. A very nice program. Might be able to help out too by extending some sequences. Ran into one issue mentioned toward end of post.
Hello and welcome to our little group! Glad you could find us. (Just out of curiosity, how hard was it to find us, and what prompted your search?)
My only snafu is that my version of perl (5.0) was too old. Might want to mention that it needs a more recent one than that.
I suppose a note to the effect that you need a working GGNFS installation could be added to the README file.

As far as your problem goes, everything up to this point in the log looks normal:
Msieve v. 1.41
Thu Jun 04 10:28:03 2009
random seeds: bee3f918 b22c12da
factoring 612866359018419653283913545567941385719456545986288356312819216189730082882576641503539782906338843 (99 digits
searching for 15-digit factors
This indicates that everything appears to operating normally. The program is searching for a polynomial to use for the GNFS run.
polynomial selection complete
R0: -12693016316435177922
R1: 12624079087
A0: -55155820712101931819305
A1: 73131720286124033583
A2: -18974146219940727
A3: 2175575125389
A4: 123362464
A5: 1860
skew 12117.16, size 1.841639e-009, alpha -5.219852, combined = 3.523059e-009
elapsed time 00:08:22
WARNING: gnfs failed to find a factor. This really shouldn't happen.
I'll just run ecm till the end of time or a factor turns up...
Let's hope you don't run out of disk space before either of those.
^C^C running 0 auto-increasing ecm curves...
Having failed at this point, it's hard to tell exactly what happened from this end. A couple of questions: have you completed a GNFS factorization before? Can you try pasting the line after gnfs_cmd = in the aliqueit.ini file?

Again, welcome to the group!
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