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Bobby: There is very little correlation between small numbers in the Physical world and "small numbers" when it comes to searching for primes.

PRIMO has the capability of proving primes in the range of 1040000 to 1050000

Lucas-Lehmer can prove Mersenne primes in the order of 2100,000,000 to probably 21000,000,000 (with current technolog).

In the physical world Atoms in the planet Earth. (approx) 1052

Atoms in the Solar System (if it is conceived as a solid sphere of 50 Light Year Radius is of the order of 1069

Even if you go the atoms in all know Undiverse which is estimated to have Radius of 4.65*1010 light-years, the number of atoms in that volume would "only be" 2*10106

So, in conclusion even a number as "small" as 10120 would have no equivalent in the physical world.

You can try creating sort of fancy artificial numbers: for instance the number of distinct molecules theoretically possible by combining up to 1000 atoms of Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Chlorine, Magnesium, Iron, Flour, Calcium and Sodium atoms but even that won't get you any closer the the smallest composite number that has not been factored which is RSA-260

(Of course they are millions of smaller numbers that have not been factored, but that is because no serious effort has been applied to them.)

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