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The majority of used programs here are console as opposed to GUI. I believe this would be a good place to start. Any recommendations on what to use?
Perhaps this may help and perhaps not, think back to DJGPP, UBasic, Numega, Fravia (iczelion tutorials..) and the like. Around 80/81 in Elec. Eng. we studied a Motorola processor (68000?) in one of the classes at U Windsor. I don't quite remember its version but I do recall it being a challenge. Those were my dumpster diving days where a few of us learned how to utilize and innovate ways to obtain better mainframe access..etc..
Having gotten older but perhaps not growing up enough, before embarking on any conceptual adventures I try to understand the equipment and tools used to fashion them, especially the mathematics. From the physical properties of the materials to making them dance to your tune(s)..a small pun regarding software need to know what is mathematically feasible and not. Know and understand your constraints so that you can either work with them, work around them or demolish them with appropriate creativity. Try to prove to yourself what is possible with what you should be able to map out your potential contribution relative to everyone else engaged in the same game.

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