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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
It might be worth giving them a second look.
University students who find it difficult typically stumble over things like pointers
- but as you're familiar with assembly programming that won't be a problem
(they're just addresses). My experience of Pascal was that it was more awkward
to use than C, with so many extra (and unnecessary) rules.
Back in my schooling days, Assembly Language was for 8086 processors. This would be a skeleton compared to what there is now, I suspect.

As for C, pointers threw everyone in my class, including me. As I recall, there were no sub's, only functions. At the time, I didn't understand the nesting. Now, I believe I do. One "main" function with all others contained within. I struggled with all the needed declarations at the top. You include only what you need, as Perl does. Knowing what was needed was a problem. Decades of using other languages clarified some of it, but not all.

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