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RTX2080 2623 TF GhzD/day; 65 LL GhzD/day; ratio 40.4
Radeon VII 1113 TF GhzD/day; 281 LL GhzD/day; ratio 3.96
GTX1080 1042 TF GhzD/day; 64.6 LL GhzD/day; ratio 16.1
Nothing close to equal there. (Recent improvements in gpuowl have raised PRP performance to as high as 510GD/d at 5M fft on linux, but 281 is representative of performance at some higher fft lengths)
All figures from benchmark pages.

A recent server logs analysis for September 2020 showed 95+% of results received were by manual submission, which is the status quo for gpus; only ~5% by PrimeNet API, which is characteristic of cpus runnng mprime / prime95.

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