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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Not all GhzD are equal.
In this case, they are. History has nothing to do with it. One GHzDay is the work one 32-bit core running at 1 GHz can do in one day (more or less, there are some "ifs" and "tricks" here). No matter if TF or FFT. Now, the TF effort doubles with every bitlevel, therefore, factoring to 91 bits requires about ONE MILLION (2^20) times more effort compared with factoring to 71 bits.

Where the "historical" part comes to place is that development and advance in parallel computing hardware (i.e. GPUs) make the factoring much faster (therefore you can get a lot of "credit" GHzDays by doing TF with a GPU, so, from this point of view, when you "factor" in the wall clock time spent, they are "not equal". If somebody would/will make a DSP in the future which could do some "long" FFT at hardware level (some DSP - digital signal processors - can already do small FFTs in hardware), then the things would be the other way around, one may get more GHzDays/Day doing LL and PRP... But this doesn't make the two "not equal".

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