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PFPoitras, I will indeed update the page in a few days and add bases 385 and 1155 for i from 1 to 50, as you ask.
I suppose you want to book these two bases?

To detect mergers, see here :

For example, on factordb, you enter 385^4 and you copy the last term of the sequence which has 80 digits.
It is 8276642735222359406410880925543291758092860223240575684888888809629485391239674704.

Then you go to this page :
And on this page, you use the "search" function and paste this 80-digit number.
You immediately find that 385^4 merges with the sequence 903872.
You still have to find out which index the merging is at and report it to me !
That's the sportiest part !
We find that the merging takes place at index 403 for the sequence 385^4 and at index 5 for the sequence 903872.
This is noted as follows :

I'll let you do the exercise again with 385^6 !

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