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Yes, FactorDB do that automatically when the sequence is updated.

But it is then time to report it to me so that I can post it on my own web page.

It is quite easy to see if FactorDB has merged the sequence with another one he already knew. If, for example, you have done the calculations up to 120 digits on your computer and you report your results in FactorDB, and if FactorDB suddenly indicates that the aliquot sequence goes up to 162 digits, it means that there has been a merger. On the other hand, if you have done the calculations yourself up to 162 digits and you report the sequence in FactorDB, and you find that the last term of the sequence in FactorDB is the same as the last term of your own calculation on your computer, there has been no merging.

If there has been a merger, then we have to find with which sequence did this happen. Sometimes it can be a little laborious... at least for me !
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