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Below 20 (and inclusive) the only sequences which do not terminate are 6^(7, 9, 11, 15, 19).

They are all at the point where I left them, except for few terms of 6^15 added by the elves where the last cofactor was under 110 digits. I work on 10077696 (6^9), and I reserved 95280 years ago, when 279936 (6^7) merged with it. I brought it to 148 digits (currently with a C140 cofactor, I still have it reserved, but not in priority list due to the 2^4*31 driver).

Interesting that even powers (including higher, to 30 or 50, can't remember) all terminate, some in very large primes. Also, odd powers between 21 and 31 were left after C>100, and were advanced a bit by the DB elves.

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