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Originally Posted by gophne View Post
Another of my threads about "being blocked" has been blocked!!!!!!

What is going on here? What about freedom of expression/ scientific thought or evenhandedness?
I wasn’t the one to close the thread, but it’s pretty clear that it had run its course.

Originally Posted by gophne View Post
What am I sinning to deserve such treatment. I have never been disrespectful to anybody on the Site. My only crime seems to be that I am dumb or that I dare to defend my positions.
On the other thread you’ve been quite disrespectful, IMO. You presented the Fermat test as if it were a new discovery and claimed that it had no counterexamples. When you were shown the counterexamples you pretended that you had never claimed that your test worked in all cases. You then proceeded to badger everyone on the thread for a more explicit demonstration of the equality, and persisted in your claim that they were different. It would have been reasonable to close the thread at that point, but instead several forum members jumped to the task and showed painfully explicit baby steps of how the two were the same. But even then you complained that you didn’t understand and that you wanted someone to make it even simpler for you.

At a certain point you should recognize that you don’t have the necessary skills in elementary number theory because you are the only one who couldn’t follow what was going on. If you want to understand you will need to study the basics of modular arithmetic so you can understand us.
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