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Let us not pretend this is a new problem:

Notice that when this was made there was a West Germany.

The real problem is that the talking heads are extremists all. It is impossible to 'ban' handguns. Who would enforce such a rule? Logistically impossible. So why do either side ever bring it up? Because it makes good sound bites.

I'm always of the opinion that 'tragedy does not infer expertise." In other words the father whose daughter is run over by a drunk driver is no better (in fact is probably worse) at coming up with a rational solution to the problem.

In that same vein I don't think that we should let national tragedies determine when or if we take substantive action on a given topic--like gun control.

The problem that we are running into in the US at this time is that gun tragedies are becoming so common (and I'm not talking about the constant level of criminal gun violence, but rather the guy goes nuts and shoots up his workplace/school/random elementary school/theater/etc type of violence) that we can't possibly have a rational discussion about it.

One side's mantra is ever: give people more guns!

The other side's mantra is: take all the guns away!

The first will lead to more gun deaths, the second is impossible.

Can the Pro-gun side really tell me that we need armor piercing bullets? Or to be able to buy ammunition online, without an ID and have it delivered to a PO box or one of those Mailbox stores that hold packages for you?

I want to stress that I don't think we should outlaw guns. But, I do think the NRA would be better off focusing on fighting the kinds of practices that allow mentally unstable people to access large amounts of firearms and ammunition without any trouble at all, because in the long run this will go farther to safeguard the right to harm bears more than anything they've ever done.
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