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oh... let the troll flame war begins!
/!\ Serious troll below

In god, America trust, and the devil has visited this community, right?

Connecticut's Governor accused the "Devil" for this event.
The sad true is that this sod was crazy, and we have no explanation. And the fact that even if he acted like that, he was a human, like any of us. (remember why the joker is so terrifiying in the dark knight? because there is no explanation).

Well the guy mainly killed his father, wanted to marry his mother, and upon rejection, killed her(Oedipus Rex rules!). Well, her and and a few people standing in the way,which were mainly kids.

Three cheers for the right to bear arm, and having bear arm for limb!


My condoleance to all the fammilly affected by this event. And I bet that videogames will take a hit again.
Seriously, all familly i know have at least a computer/gaming station... 95% of the gaming population behave normally, 4.999% are fan of a franchise or two, the last 0.001% well... I don't know, never meet them, and don't want to.

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